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Proudly serving South Florida, Ira Claro, Esq. is committed to ensuring justice while protecting your rights.

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Ira Claro, Esq.

It is our ambition to act as your personal advocate and representative with your personal legal issues. Striving to make you feel as comfortable and empowered as possible, each of our team members dedicates an exceptional level of personal effort to attaining the best legal outcome for you and your family.

With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at making you feel like our most important client, we never use our legal expertise to confuse or intimidate; instead, we choose transparency and honesty when assessing your particular circumstances. Each of our attorneys at  Jane D. Legal, Esq. Law will commit their time and efforts to meet with you on a one-on-one basis. Focusing on Personal Injury, Family Law and Estate Planning, as well as aspects of business law, we strive to protect you and your assets, every day, in every legal way.

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As your lawyers, we believe that it is our duty to maintain consistent communication with each of our valued clients in order to eliminate frustration, and minimize confusion and anxiety in regards to legal issues. With a friendly smile, we represent you, your needs, and goals with a compassionate, yet appropriately aggressive approach. Avoid being just another client on a list by calling for your personal and confidential consultation today.